Meeting You On The Path To Transformation

InnerSpark is a spiritual development practice with the purpose of helping you live to your potential.
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Sacred Fire Circles

Join together with other deep, loving hearts around a sacred fire to share the silence and the insights of being in the Presence.

Energy Work

Give yourself the gift of time and space to drink deep from the loving energy of the Creator, leaving you relaxed and energized.

Spiritual Direction

Together with a loving guide, listen to the whisperings of Spirit as you ask the questions you are living and find the answers deep within yourself.


The message of this website is Love. Love is the source from which we came, the “secret” of living a joy filled and abundant life, and our final destination. As we move into a remembering of ourselves and each other as divine, we manifest the creative force of the universe in our world.

What is Innerspark?

Each of us have the inner spark of love existing within us. It cannot be extinguished, even when we ignore or forget it within ourselves or others. The spark of the divine within us continues to exist and can always be rekindled to ignite the flame of Love from the divine.

At the core of all of my work, I do my best to maintain the view that we are each divine in our essence and each have that inner spark that can be rekindled. I work with individuals, couples, groups and organizations to live into their potential, bringing all of my training and gifts to bear.

What does Innerspark offer?

Individual sessions of Spiritual Direction offer deep listening and an expansive view that encompasses both the landscape of where you find yourself and the topography of your dreams. Energy work provides a safe space to relax and recharge. Other tools and methods are offered as the need arises.

My commitment to you in all the work I do is to:

  • To hold sacred space
  • To see your potential
  • To see the connectedness of all that is

I look forward to meeting you on the path of transforming our world into the Love that it is created to be.

With divine love,

Thomas F. Capshew

Tom Capshew