Divine Warrior Training

Divine Warrior Training (“DWT”) is both a process and a world view. As a process, DWT can be experienced as single sessions in DWT circles and in DWT workshops. For upcoming circles and workshops, check the Upcoming Events page on this website.

Divine Warrior Training Workshops

DWT also can be experienced as a 10-week class, Training Program for Divine Warriors, as well as an 8-week class, Conscious Choices, offered to governmental, educational and non-profit agencies. These programs are not open to the public and are tailored for a specific population. To learn more about these classes, read about them on this website and contact Tom Capshew for more information.

The Divine Warrior Training Book

The DWT world view is best expressed in the book, Divine Warrior Training: Manifesting the Divine in Our World, by Thomas F. Capshew, Ph.D. Divine Warrior Training (“DWT”) presents a new cosmology transcending all religious divisions. It contains a framework for understanding our unique paths and provides 42 exercises for helping us to live into our divine potential which is our legacy. To read excerpts of the book, click on the buttons to the left under DWT Book. To order the book, follow the link on this page.

Purchase Divine Warrior Training by Thomas Capshew online. Checkout is through PayPal and shipping is free. You’ll get your copy in the mail within a few days.