DWT Background

Each of us is born with unlimited potential. In the early years of our life on earth, through the process of socialization, we are trained to see ourselves as much less than we could be. Human growth is the process of reclaiming that which we have lost through adopting the limiting messages we get from our world. Divine Warrior Training is a book and a workshop process designed to assist in re-membering, re-claiming, re-kindling and re-juvenating one’s spiritual legacy. Divine Warrior Training does not provide answers – it provides questions and process of creating sacred space for each of us to find the answers deep within. The answers are deep within each of us and are found within that inner spark which unites us all.

A Divine Warrior is one who recognizes the divinity of all creation and hones their skills and directs their power for the highest good of all. A Divine Warrior follows a path of self-reflection to harness strengths and overcome weaknesses in all aspects of holistic being: physical; emotional; intellectual; and spiritual. Divine Warrior Training recognizes that we are first and foremost spiritual beings and our material manifestation is a much less significant aspect of our existence. Each of us is a “piece” of the divine and we come into this material existence with specific purpose, tools for achieving that purpose (skills) and obstacles to achieving that purpose (challenges). Some never find their purpose. Some never develop their skills. Some allow themselves to be overwhelmed by their challenges. A Divine Warrior attends to all three elements (purpose, skills, and challenges), creating a dance with life which is unique, life affirming, and deeply resonant with one’s soul.

Divine Warrior Training is a service and the life’s work of Tom Capshew. It is what he was put on this earth to do. All of his education and training has been in preparation for this work, and you may view how his path has led to this work by clicking the Tom’s DWT Story button above. You may view the details of Tom’s former careers, education and training by clicking the Contact link above. Tom can be contacted for questions, feedback, or to schedule a session or workshop by clicking the Contact and email address in the top right corner. If you would like to see where Tom will be presenting Divine Warrior Training workshops in the upcoming months, click on the Upcoming Events

Divine Warrior Training is both a process, manifested in workshops, and a world view, manifested in the newly released book! Tom would be honored to serve you.

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