Tom’s Divine Warrior Training Story

Tom Capshew was raised in a fundamentalist Christian family. He attended a college affiliated with the church, and was a Bible and Biblical Languages double major. At 21 years old, he had a crisis of faith and left the college and the church because he could not reconcile his concept of an all loving God with the church’s teachings on eternal punishment.

Since leaving organized religion, Tom has spent much of his life focused on spirituality, developing a world view which recognizes the divinity of all creation. He has been honored to have had what he would describe as direct experiences of God. His personal spiritual practices combine a Christian base, Buddhism, and indigenous traditions, in particular shamanism.

Tom spent 10 years in the legal field, honing his intellect and developing a keen attention to detail. His last case as an active attorney was before the Supreme Court of Florida, where he won a unanimous decision. He left a successful law practice to attend graduate school in social work, earning a masters and doctorate. He taught social work as an Assistant Professor for 6 years. As an Assistant Professor, he developed a skill for creating the space for people to have transformational experiences, changing the way they view the world. Recently he has embarked on his life’s work, helping others see the divine in themselves and in others.

In reviewing his life’s path, it is clear that everything Tom has done in his life has been in preparation for Divine Warrior Training, his life’s work. In the last few years, Tom has been consciously and intentionally developing and collecting skills, information and exercises to manifest the divine in this world. Through Divine Warrior Training, Tom offers workshops based on this world view, and he has written a book with the same title. He also offers individual and group healing modalities including spiritual mentoring, soul retrieval, Reiki and mediation. Tom brings to all aspects of his life the mind of an attorney, the heart of a social worker, and the soul of a mystic.

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