Upcoming Events

Group events are often a good way to experience Tom’s work in the world. Tom offers group Reiki on the first and third Friday of each month in downtown Fredericksburg. In addition, eight times a year, Tom facilitates a gathering for a sacred fire circle to celebrate the quarters and major solar events (equinoxes and solstices). The events calendar below lists all these events for the year. To register for group Reiki, visit www.pitaiyo.com. To RSVP for a fire circle and receive the address, email Tom at tom@innerspark.org or text him at 540-621-8742.

Tom will be conducting Usui Reiki training this Spring. His classes run 6-8 hours and begin with information, continue with initiation, and conclude with integration, practicing creating healing space and transmitting healing energy. Usui Reiki 1 is for individuals new to energy work and is a wonderful way to learn to bring healing energy into yourself for self healing and to begin practicing with others. Usui Reiki 2 requires completion of a Usui Reiki 1 training and expands and deepens your healing practice. Usui Reiki 1 is being offered at Stafford House of Yoga on April 18, 2015 starting at 11:00 am and you can register below. Usui Reiki 2 is being offered at Stafford House of Yoga on May 30, 2015 starting at 11:00 am and you can register below.

Tom also offers individual spiritual work by appointment. Modalities include Spiritual Direction, Energy Healing Sessions, Soul Retrieval, Destiny Retrieval and Reiki Shaman. Individual sessions are shaped by your needs in consultation with Tom prior to and during the session. To book an individual session, use the booking form below to find a time that works for you. If you are not certain what type of session is right for you, choose energy healing assessment session, which includes the consultation and the modality you and Tom agree upon. Tom practices out of his home office in Fredericksburg, Virginia or is available to come to your home. Certain modalities are also available over the telephone or internet.

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If you have trouble with the online scheduling, please contact us and we’ll help you out. Either way, we look forward to talking with you soon!
I felt compelled to write and thank you for all you have been doing for me. Something bigger than myself prompted me to get back in touch with you and I have the sense that I was divinely guided. Talking with you has given me a peace and calm, and a feeling of control over my life that I haven’t had in a very long time. Nicole Hoag